Amerimax Building Products, Inc.  is a division of Euramax International, Inc., a leading international manufacturer of aluminum products, steel, vinyl and glass fiber products with value added.  Our headquarters is located in Norcross, Georgia.  Euramax employs more than 3,500 highly skilled and dedicated staff across its large manufacturing and distribution network of 55 strategically located facilities, 46 of which are in the United States, one in Canada and 8 in Europe.

  We work at 100% to significantly outperform industry’s energy efficiency, quality and cost in designing our windows.  In the first place, we place only the satisfaction of our clients.  The strongest guarantees in the industry and system of authorized dealers is one of the reasons for our success.

  Amerimax windows and doors were created in 1986 by setting up a production facility in Loveland, Colorado.  The company has grown rapidly and after four years we have created a second production facility in 1990 in Northern California near Sacramento.  The development of the company has made it possible to establish a solid reputation as innovators and customer service leaders in the window replacement market.  In 1994, Amerimax became the first in the West, which set the standard and standard for all products in the fields of energy efficiency of glass and spacer systems.  Until 2006, Amerimax not only perfected, but also made an innovative revolution of windows and doors to provide our customers with not only the best windows and doors to replace, but also high-quality products that they will enjoy and proud everyday.

  The new Amerimax technologies of our recycled vinyl windows and patios will save you money for electricity and maintain a structural integrity that we have always been known for.  However, at the same time, they will improve the look and feel of your home, giving you an unbeatable view at your favorite landscape.  We provide a huge selection of products, which is why you will not have any trouble finding the right window or patio door for your home.


Windows are an important part of the architecture of the house.  They create a cosiness and provide a special aesthetics both inside and outside.  Amerimax has created an entirely new technology for energy-saving windows, which will provide not only functionality, but also a special style and design.

  • Masters Grande Series (Double operating sash)
  • Craftsman Portrait Series (Single operating sash)
  • Aristocrat Casement Series (Projected sash)
  • Bays & Bows


Patio Doors have found the perfect combination of beauty and functionality by redesigning our products for energy efficient doors.  We offer a huge selection of doors and windows that will surely satisfy your desires and will be a great addition to your home.

  • New Horizon Series (Sliding patio door)
  • Riviera French Slider (Sliding patio door)
  • Classic French (Hinged patio door)


When choosing the right windows and patio doors for your home, Amerimax offers an array of colors and glass options to choose from.

  • AmeriCoat
  • Ameriglass
  • Pattern Glass Options
  • UltraView HD Screens
  • Pet Doors