window replacement

We provide you with the ability to create any combination of replacement windows without much effort, choosing the actual placement of different types of windows and creating a unique composition.  You can also add sliders or dual windows.  When you mix two or three windows together, you get a special not trite design based on a composite frame.  Below are the possible options for replacing window combinations:

  • We care for safety and that is why our engineers improved exterior glaze, so that the window could be broken only fromthe inside the house. 
  • Frame and sash that were architecturally slanted make your house looks elegant, neat and nice. 
  • Glass units were thickened to 3/4″ for maximal EE, due to double-strength standard. 
  • To reduce acoustic transmission, U-factors and resistance of condensation we use Platinum Elite triple-chambered silicone foam spacer. 
  • For maximal EE and waterproof strength we make fusion-welded corners with numerous insulation chambers (wall thickness is .080). 
  • A gusket is formed around the insulated glazing by glassing stop’s “compression”, thus makes it waterproof. 
  • In order to reduce condensation on sash and frame, a dual-wall glazing structure is used. 
  • Life-time warranty. You may not be afraid of accidental glass breakage! Labor, replacement parts and transfer – included.
  • Our windows were certified by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA “Gold”label)
  • They were also certified by National Fenestration Rating Council Thermal Performance. 
  • Our windows passed voluntary stringent test on resistance “Forced Entry”.
High performance glazing system


Replacement combination windows
Replacement combination windows
Replacement combination windows
Replacement combination windows
Replacement combination window