James Hardie

In October 2012, we received a recommendation to restructure our company – to create a new one, which is why the shareholders founded the Irish company James Hardie Industries plc (JHIplc).

The main goal of the new company was to generate higher incomes and promote better international growth than it was before. The new company has become a leading company in the entire James Hardie group of companies and has branches all over the world.

In 1888, young talented James Hardy decided to leave parent’s business in Scotland and move to Melbourne, Australia, to open up bigger opportunities and set up an original company. James invested in his business all his experience and began to make money on the import of oil and other things.

 Another important figure in this story is the Scottish Andrew Reed, born January 24, 1867. Even working in Glasgow, he stayed in touch with James Hardy. Andrew was expecting something great in Australia, so he arrived there in 1892 and soon became a James Hardy business partner. Andrew Reed and James Hardy have combined their talents and experience and have become an example of a successful and strong business with them.