If you are looking for a reliable company in the window and door industry that will serve you best in the western states of the USA or Canada, you will definitely encounter Migard.  We have over ten full service and customer service centers that are always ready to provide you with the highest quality products and services.  Milgard® windows and Patio doors are designed and assembled in the USA, and we always carry out our work for all 100%.  We guide our entire experience to help you make an easy choice that you will be satisfied with.  We try to be as close to our customers as possible to serve you at the highest level.  This means that we guarantee fast and high-quality delivery, response and execution of your order.  We have 3,000 local dealer centers, each of which will help you build your dream home.  Our specialists will help you to take all the important design decisions and advise how to create not only beautiful, but also functional design.  In addition, you can visualize the best windows and doors for your home with the help of our special resources.  You can be absolutely sure of the guarantees of the Milgard windows as long as your home is at its foundation.

  There are many reasons why we in Great Northern choose Milgard Windows and Doors as one of our best sellers.

  In addition to providing an unsurpassed warranty on all their products, they are personally responsible for their quality.  Milgard uses the best varieties of material in the Northwest to make its own components of the frame and doors.

  • Wood Windows Beauty and strength. Style and innovation. Comfort and dependability.
  • Fiberglass Windows All-season performance. A classic look that’s always in style.
  • Vinyl Windows Style to fit every home. Performance year after year.
  • Aluminum Windows Strength and value. A sleek frame for maximizing light and view.

The Milgard windows and doors have been working for you since 1962, providing a huge selection of wooden, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass windows and doors for builders, dealers and homeowners.  We provide a complete warranty that covers any defects in materials and workings as long as you own your home.  It also includes work and materials.  Milhard has several dealers in the west and south serving the local areas.  This ensures the prompt execution of your order delivery as well as the response to the warranty situation.

 Milgard Window and Doors controls the entire production process to make sure our customers get the best products.  We manufacture our own insulated glass blocks as well as our own vinyl and fiberglass to create complex profiles needed for window and door structures.  That’s why you get the windows and doors of the highest quality, which provide you elegance and practicality, regardless of weather or climate.

  Milgard Windows and Doors is a company of Masco, which made itself the name of the production of vinyl windows of the highest quality.  Our headquarters is located in Tacoma, WA.  Windows Millard and Doors were nominated six times in an annual survey sponsored by Hanley-Wood Inc.  Publishers of the Builder Magazine.  Milgard has more than 3,700 dealers around the world.

  Any other company can envy the variety of sizes and styles in the courtyard windows and doors offered by Milgard.  We are ready to realize any idea that comes to your mind.  We have special grid templates, glass options and equipment from which you can choose to create the very window that best suits your home.  Options are endless!