Sierra Pacific Industries, located in northern California and the state of Washington, is a third-generation family owned and forest products company.  The Sierra Pacific owns nearly 1.9 million acres of forest mass in California and Washington, and therefore rightly holds the proud name of the largest private forest owner in North America.

  The Sierra Pacific region has 12 sawmills, 8 cogeneration plants and 4 wood processing plants / carpentry factories in California and Washington, enabling us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the production of wood windows in the Western United States and provide around 3,400 jobs.

  In the Sierra Pacific, we maintain healthy forest management practices that include healthy trees, crystal clear water and the usual natural habitat.  We focus on extensive research to improve logging.  We are continuously refined to ensure that we meet or exceed the highest international environmental standards – the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and Forest Management Initiative in California and Washington.

In Sierra Pacific, we have only highly skilled foresters and wildlife biologists who operate our land are following the technology of “sustainable harvest”, which is the reason for the annual increase in wood and the protection of the surrounding countryside.  We have passed the time for about 70 years in achieving a stable harvest and are constantly improving, staying at this level in the near future.

  We annually fill the Sierra Pacific land in California with more than six million coniferous planters.  In fact, we plan not only to increase the volume of wood that grows on our lands, three times over the next 100 years, but also increase the average diameter of wood during this time almost twice.

  Sierra Pacific holds a clear leadership position in technological advancements.  Our state-of-the-art computerized scanning equipment guarantees the highest yield and quality of our raw materials.  Highly skilled operators that manage innovative equipment will create any joinery, regardless of whether we have it in the program of our sawmills, using all available wood fibers.

We care about our planet, so we process all the fibers that remain from one operation – it becomes a raw material for another guaranteeing minimal waste of production.  We have many options for industrial waste: chips and shavings are pressed to the particleboard, the bark is used to decorate the landscape complexes or turns into boiler fuel for steam production for drying lumber and is used twice for cogeneration of electricity.

  Our 8 cogeneration units produce more than 150 megawatts of electricity for the operation of our mills.  Local utility companies purchase the energy they receive, trying to reduce the dependence of our country on scarce fuels.

Sierra Pacific is a vertically-integrated company

  • We own the forestland and manage it for sustainable growth
  • We process the wood in our sawmills
  • We convert the shop grade lumber from our sawmills to moulding and millwork (including window and door components) in our millwork facilities
  • We assemble the components from our millwork plants into top quality wood windows and doors in our window assembly plants
  • We ship the windows and doors to your jobsite on our trucks 

For almost 30 years, Sierra-Pacific is a good neighbor for everyone.  Our fund provides scholarships grands and financial support to charities in communities where we work.  Also, the company annually allocates about 500 thousand dollars for scholarships, educational and community programs.


Our products perfectly combine beautiful wood and an aluminum lining, protected from atmospheric influences, which does not require maintenance.

  We mainly use pine, although you can choose any of the other eight types of trees that we offer.  In addition, our double thick shell comes in every color you can choose from our rich palette.


The eternal elegance of the Hurd all-wood windows and patio doors is designed to emphasize the originality of your home.  We treat the wood for our products at the highest level, providing long-term of CoreGuard window service.


The H3 is Hurd’s mid-priced window and it is recently named «The most innovative window of the year». It is special in its advanced energy efficiency and high quality.  We found three components needed for the best functionality of the product: extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood and combined them into one perfect window with our ingenious Fusion ™ technology.


FeelSafe windows and patio doors are characterized by high durability, resistance to the destruction of glass, and hardened by extreme engineering and construction work.  They will withstand any bad weather – even the hardest storms and hurricanes, and they also provide the security of your home and protection from thief.


Since Superseal products are manufactured directly in our Hurd production, you have a large selection of the same features and design options that are available on the upper wooden windows and doors of the Hurd courtyard.