Cascade Windows offers you high-quality vinyl windows and sliding glass doors.  We take into consideration all your wishes and customize the order according to your needs and deliver it at an affordable price.


Excellent performance, value and style of our products – is the pride of Cascade Window.  The design of each product is practical and functional.  We have a wide variety of styles available to create and maintain a coherent design of your home.  You can even use a combination of different architectural styles that will not undermine consistent structural integrity.

  Cascade Windows guarantees energy savings and product comfort at any time of the year.  We have included all energy efficiency components in production.  Including insulated glass panels with gaskets with a warm edge and double elimination of weather.  Each of them contributes to comfort and energy conservation throughout the year.

You will feel the functionality of innovative and energy efficient windows as soon as they are installed.  Cascading windows offer Low-E Glass, as well as insulating argon gas, which forms an invisible layer of insulation between the glass.  All products can be ordered according to the requirements of Energy Star.

  In the summer, Low-E Glass blocks the heat of sunlight from entering the home, thereby reducing the cost of cooling.

  In the winter, Low-E Glass, by contrast, reduces the cost of heating, allowing sunlight to go home and retain warmth.

  Energy efficiency is key to saving money and protecting the environment.  All products in the Windows cascade may exceed or meet the Energy Star requirements.  Energy Star® is a program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992.  It focuses on identifying and promoting energy-efficient products.

The pride and superiority of Great North Window and Door is a long-term help for our customers to achieve energy efficiency in their homes and businesses. We direct our knowledge to save your money on energy bills, get energy discounts and refresh your home’s look. With new windows and doors your house will play with new colors of comfort and cosiness in one night.

  Colonial, Master, Postmodern or French Country – there are so many styles!  With Cascade Windows you have the freedom to mix and combine, creating a unique architectural design of your home or commercial construction project.

  Several glass, hardware and mesh templates allow you to customize the selection of the window – a slider, one-sided view, a picture, a leaf, a canopy, a bow and bay window, even a patio door – to find the perfect balance.  Do you want a special form?  Simply – just give us the sizes.

  Our specialists are always ready to help you choose which style and product are right for you. Contact The Great Northern Window and Doors and let’s start work together.  Estimates are Free!